SRP Group

Established in 2013, SRP Group is the construction and operating unit of Yinchuan Cross-Border Trade E-Commerce Pilot Project. 

The Digital Silk Road Project undertaken by SRP Group aims to build an interconnected trade platform for China and countries along the Belt and Road so as to provide one-stop services such as customs clearance, information integration, commodity inspection, payment, logistics and certification for trading businesses and establish an efficient, convenient and low-cost domestic and overseas channel.

Main business: 

A. Domestic Business

Cross-border Import Business(Europe, the United States, Japan and Korea)

Precious Metal + Internet Supply Chain Platform

Big Data Center

B. International Business

Cross-border Export Business(Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Eastern Europe)

Certification & Export Service (HALAL Certification and Kosher Certification)

Technology Transfer Platform(Countries along the Belt and Road)

C. Payment and Financial Services

Create a Sound Payment System upon Third-party Payment License Application

Exploit Supply Chain Finance and Consumer Finance Market 

SRP Group has established strategic partnership with National Engineering Laboratory of E-commerce Technologies, Yinchuan Comprehensive Bonded Zone, Exposition Bureau of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China Telecom, Ningxia Branch of Bank of China, Ningxia Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, Ningxia Branch of Bank of Communications, JD.COM, YHGlobal, Baby Tree, etc. Meanwhile, SRP has achieved initial cooperation with Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone, Jordan Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority, Bahwan Group and Jordan Free and Development Zone Group, and has carried out business cooperation with Sulpak, Alser and Egypt Information Technology & Services Corporation.

Group Members

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Co., Ltd.

As the main operating unit of Yinchuan Cross-Border Trade E-Commerce pilot project, it is a comprehensive network science and technology company with the core business of cross-border trade e-commerce, development of network technology, consulting service of network technology, information-based platform sales and relevant schemes and services, schemes for information-based community construction, consulting services of computer technology, software development, system integration, storage service, etc. 

Ningxia Silk Road Online Payment System Co., Ltd. 

Taking third-party payment as the core business and the cross-border e-commerce of countries along the Belt and Road and Internet finance as the business foundation, it dedicates itself to creating a leading domestic comprehensive business platform for cross-border payment, financial services of small & miniature commercial tenants, Internet finance and cross-border e-commerce, by relying on the advantages brought by the new Silk Road economic belt.

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Financial Information Service Co., Ltd.

It is a company committed to solving the problem of long-term information asymmetry in trades of countries along the Belt and Road, establishing a solid customer base for the construction of Ningxia trade and information center and accumulating big data and basic data in such trades.

Ningxia Silk Road ePath Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. 

Focusing on cross-border e-commerce B2B export business of SRP Group, it is dedicated to building a professional and systematic e-commerce and supply chain service platform as a way to serve Chinese enterprises and promote the export of quality Chinese goods.

Silk Road E-Station Middle East Trade FZE (Dubai)

Located in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone, it was founded by SRP Group. It is a large overseas service center integrating exhibition, experience, consulting, after-sales and promotion service of Chinese products, realizing a complete trading process from regular exhibition of Chinese products, online trades on platform to offline experience.

Silk Road ePath Information Technology Service (US) Ltd Liability Co.

Located in California, its main businesses include cross-border import business, transit trades of offshore companies and processing with overseas materials, etc.

Zhejiang Silk Road ePath Certification Service Co., Ltd.

It is a limited liability company specializing in certification service, established under the great support of the government of Shangyu, Zhejiang Province. Main businesses include technology development, transfer and consulting service in detection area, product quality inspection as well as enterprise management consulting service, etc.

Shanghai Yanking International Co., Ltd.

It is a professional company dedicated to the R&D, design, manufacture, sales and import &  export of gold and silver products. It has always been adhering to the philosophy of disseminating unique Chinese culture and providing clients both at home and abroad with various professional and quality precious metal products and services.

Corporate Culture

Our Philosophy: Build Digital Silk Road between China and Countries along the Belt and Road

Our Vision: Establish Cross-border E-Commerce Industry Chain between China and Countries along the Belt and Road and Build Interconnected Comprehensive Service Platform and Online & Offline Trade Channels

Core Value: Interconnected Trade Channels, Shared Technology Transfer Platform

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